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The Kidz-Art story began in Amsterdam, where designer Mary–Ann van Dam started designing clothes for her children because she could not find what she liked anywhere else. She began with a small basic collection in bright, neon colours, which she decorated by hand. The batik, dip and tie & dye effects were amazing and inspired her to expand the collection further. Kidz-Art has now grown into a vibrant, trendy brand for girls between 0 and 12 years old. An exciting mix of sportswear, high-fashion and ethnic elements translated into characteristic styling regarding fit, prints, artwork, details and the use of colour. The mix of extremes you will find within the Kidz-Art collection combine amazingly well together.

Though Kidz-Art was already available throughout Holland, Belgium and Germany; recently Kidz-Art has gone even more international to the USA an China! Now even more kids can celebrate the art of Kidz-Art!


Always colourful and full of bold, and surprising (colour) combinations. The collection consists of individual styles, right down to the smallest detail, with a signature that is always recognisable. The beautiful embroidery and the amazing quality are common themes within the collection. Thanks to small, colourful details such as ribbons, bows, labels and buttons, the various items in the collection are easy to combine. This results in a commercial yet unique collection.


Colours make you happy! The Kidz-Art collections radiates energy. Designer quote: “Have you ever heard a child say that purple doesn’t go with red? At Kidz-Art, the clothes can all be combined. Growing up can be pretty tough, so why not turn it into something beautiful!”

Size  range

Kidz-art girls: 92-152